Moroccan Sleigh Bed

This elegant Moroccan sleigh bed is handdressed and signed by Kelly Curtis.  The bed itself has a rich mahogany finish and arched arms with "inlaid" handpainted antique gold vines on them. The bed is dressed in a lovely coral and gold colored Moroccan swirl tapestry that has a lovely sheen to it. Tons of beautiful throw pillows adorn the bed made from fabrics including silk bolsters, beautiful floral prints, tapestries, brocades, and thereís even a teeny tufted round silk pillow with a beaded center! The attention to detail is amazing as each pillow is trimmed in braids, edging, cording, bunka, and even tiny fringe!  The bed itself is edged in an intricate antique gold woven trim, and it has two of the most luscious shimmery silk and satin throws draping over the arm and puddeling to the floor to complete the lush look of this bed. Overall a stunning piece — would be an asset to any collection!!

(Please feel free to e-mail with questions. Note: This is a dollhouse miniature 1/12th scale.)

Price: $185.00